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GOT A C ON THE MATH TEST (I know, how cliche)


That awesome moment you realize the school looks at your ANNUAL GPA and not your cumulative GPA to assess your academic probation




Who wants to help me write up an FAQ page for my webcomic?

So I finally put up a legit website for my webcomic AtTheNunnery

[Here’s a brief post about it. Feel free to reblog.]

So now I need to write up an FAQ page, but I don’t know what people want to know. So take a look at the comics, go to my ask and help me out please??

Thanks :D

I'm gonna need more readers, guise...

Comic. College life. Dorm out of a convent. Wacky antics. Clever jokes. Canada. I mean, yeah.

I love my school

First year of uni: DONEZO

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