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To sum up my interactions with most people…

I love all my friends

However, I don’t expect shit from any of you, whether or not you’ve surprised me or have been loyal in the past.

I don’t wanna say trust is for fools but…

Birthday-Related anxiety

So deeply rooted… Like since I was 6. Other than the 3-4 years of alright celebrations (because two other girls in that group of friends had a birthday the same week), 75% of my birthday parties consisted of 0 to 3 people showing up (out of on average 5-10 invites), and 25% of them were people taking over and “taking me out” (to do what they wanted or what was convenient). My 16th birthday was the best I can remember because a) my best friends at the time came through (and it wasn’t anyone else’s birthday) and b) I thought I made friends with 2 new kids at school (who ended up becoming part of the cool Frenchie clique, one of them never batting an eye at me again). Even to this day, birthday or not, I just can’t get people to do anything for the most part.

This year my friend has taken it upon her to bring some of our other friends from an anime club at school together for snacks and cartoons, then karaoke. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst, nah mean?

Next year I’m not saying shit about my birthday to non-relatives. I’d rather people not know than be fully aware and just not give a shit.

The future roommate telling her friends about our first meeting:

  • Her friends: How was she?
  • Her: We played Pac-Man and ate chips and talked about feelings. I think it'll work out.

I used to think it was exhausting being THAT friend, the one who councils and is just there for them, and not getting it back.

Turns out my body and mind are learning to be self-sufficient and self-regenerating. I’m really not looking to cry on anyone’s shoulder, because it really is just utter shit. No one actually cares about this shit, and as it turns out, I’m progressively unlearning how to dwell in self-pity and all that shit. So now I just have excess to give away.

This is what happens when you decide to add new characters to your web comic based on real people...

  • Friend 1: Hey how come I'm not in more comics? I want to be in next one okay?
  • Friend 2: Oh man, I just had a great idea for a comic! So it'll be me... [insert irrelevant idea] [repeat process 5 times a day]
  • Friend 3: Hey you know I think my boyfriend/girlfriend would be a great addition to your comic...
  • Me: ... this is why I can't have nice things.

That awkward moment your little sister starts posting shit on your wall after you wrote on her wall ONCE.

To all those wondering how you can know so much about someone you hate:

Chances are, we hate them because we know them so well. We hate them because we know how they think and what they’re capable of, and that’s not always a good thing.

Reflecting on what was happening this time last year…

… as well as some news I received today regarding some friends of mine.

It just goes to show that, although you may get lucky and find some decent people, the only ones you can trust are the people in your family.

And that’s really only by default, because you can replace your friends and your partner, but you cannot replace your family.

Unless you’re adopted.

When you break up with someone:

  • You: That was before you betrayed me, called my mom a whore, killed my goldfish, took my money, turned me away from my friends, threatened anyone who looked at me funny and treated me like shit.
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