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i’m actually pretty cool just give me like 5 tries to get it right

Posted on August 8, 2014

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25 People Who Have Nailed This Flirting Thing




Avatar? You mean with the blue peop-




If love was casual, perhaps it wouldn’t collide into our sense of identity or our plans for the future at such high velocity. It wouldn’t feel so personal. If it’s not mutual, so what? If it doesn’t turn into a relationship, so what? I have feelings and desires all the time that go unsatisfied. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times), late at night, I want Chef’s Perfect Chocolate ice cream, but Creole Creamery closes at 10pm. Do I panic? Do I call Creole Creamery and leave a series of desperate messages? Do I curl into a ball and lament that without Chef’s Perfect Chocolate, I am a broken person who is not worthy of ice cream? No. I deal. I feel my feelings, whine a little if I need to, and go without. Like a grown-ass woman.

— Carsie Blanton, "Casual Love", Brighter than a Buoy

Posted on March 18, 2013

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Rockin’ the bob

The night I became a legend ;P

What do you mean you don’t get it? Isn’t it obvious?

— Cartoonist Proverb

Me and Bagheera straight chillin

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