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Is she serious? Is she being serious right now?

She’s asking to get punched in the throat.

She’s probably why lumps are forming in my body.

That awkward moment when you realize just how much you’ve grown since high school…

These little kids on Facebook and Twitter talking about “you know it’s love when…” and finding the one and being in love after 3 weeks aggravates the living daylights out of me. I mean I guess when you’re that age everything seems legit but really, those people aren’t going to matter in 4-5 years, you’re way too young to know what love is really about and probably won’t until you’re well into your late 20s, early 30s. Or never.

Plus my little sister is growing into a teenager (puberty, turning 13 next year, etc.) and seeing the way she acts just makes my point more valid.

I’m not saying I didn’t think that way in high school, but nowadays it’s hitting younger and younger kids and it’s absolutely mind-boggling. Plus I never really acted out the way most of these people do. I was told I was a very reserved person anyway.

Rant over.

You know what’s worse than being a complete tool?

Being a completely useless tool.

People trying to get at me when I’m in the middle of one of my shows

Nobody on the Internet uses the word “wherefore” properly.

Stop tryin’ to be cute writing on your friends wall like “wherefore art thou, bestie?? imissyewwww”.

Sit the fuck down. Shut the fuck up.

I realize not everyone knows/remembers that “wherefore” actually means "why", but DAMMIT if you’re gonna use that word, know how to use it.

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