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I was having trouble remembering how I found your blog for the longest time. Today, I clicked random on my blog and found this :3 "I know DialMForMags" b/c of hot Zuko cosplay n_n - tripolarbear


Guys can we talk about that ATLA preview of “The Search”

And how Ozai might not be Zuko’s dad?

"He says [Azula] was born lucky; he says I was lucky to have been born…"




Tumblr needs to TELL ME when the Queen likes my post >:[

I ship Greyte DeBasco/Azuko now.

How is it that the rich people in the Avatar universe have last names, but those of royalty don’t?

Seriously though. Asami and Toph have last names, but Zuko and Yue don’t?

Oh my God guys. What if when Bryke said they wanted to explore a “Zutara” type relationship…

… They meant between Iroh and Korra? And not Makorra????


The sexual tension that will create… I’m not ready.

So to all those dealing with people who think of blue people when we say “Avatar”…

So to all those dealing with people who think of blue people when we say “Avatar”…


As I’m taking a stroll down the “Legend of Korra” tag…

Hmmm hmmm I saw that video today… no Howrra is not a thing… oh, nice fanart… AGREED, Bryke is trolling us… what… what is that… is Korra naked? What is she doing on the floor? What’s she holding… by her…faceOOOOOOOOOOHGOOOOOOOODOHGODOHGODOHGODNOOOOOOOOOOOOOHMYGODNO

Working on this “Four Seasons” cover/remix…

No one knows how excited I am or how cool it already sounds.

Stay tuned y’all!


Avatar VS. Avatar!

dude a:tla ftw fuck that blue people shit

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